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Western-Style Production Hand-Papermaking. At Tryst Press we've made paper and papermaking equipment for years. Because we emphasize making paper for our own books, our facility has evolved into a small production mill capable of producing substantial quantities of beautiful, consistently-formed sheets. We don't spend much time cooking up native plants or flowers; we focus on the traditional fibers of western-style hand-papermaking—hemp, flax, and cotton. 

We've also presented papermaking demonstrations and workshops for years. From experience, we’ve learned that the most satisfying and successful workshops offer participants several key experiences: their hands are involved almost immediately and they stay involved; they enjoy extended blocks of time devoted to focusing on specific skills; they get plenty of opportunities to observe and assist others; and they leave the workshop with new or refined skills, as well as with finished and useful materials to take home. 

The typical one-day crafter’s class, featuring a plastic frame and window screen mould, Osterized paper scraps, and a handful of flower petals leaves the student of traditional papermaking wanting. The Paper Mill Workshop is our answer to that call for an avenue to mastery.

Using professional papermaking equipment, participants learn in a setting patterned after a historic production hand paper mill and make quality text and art papers in quantity. With an emphasis on creating paper that can be used for printing, drawing and painting, participants work with traditional western papermaking fibers, explore watermarking, acquire the necessary skills to make useful paper in both laid and wove finish, and leave with a generous amount of personalized paper.