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will write for cinnamon

American Red Cross

give blood, get prepared, lend a hand

BYU Bookstore

a true blue bookstore going against the big chain grain

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

what’s it all about?

Fuchsia Minute

one-of-a-kind art pieces and accessories

J. Carl Hertzog

historical info on the talented man behind the award

Jory Dayne

as lovely as he is talented

Hawaiian Magpie

stunning handmade wire and stone jewelry

Horseshoe Mountain Pottery

potting, painting, trekking, and hand salve a la Bennions


the artist formerly known as Jane Siberry, in all her glory

Karisa Winkel Designs

custom letterpress and web design extraordinaire

Brian Kershisnik

art as surprise, art as faith, art as a bellylaugh


two hands, two sticks, some string

Learning to Love You More

creative assignments to help you connect


acoustical liberation of books in the public domain

On Bright Street

welcome to the bloggerhood


the irreplaceable, irrefutably fabulous fountain pen

Pizzeria Seven Twelve

the spirit of Alice Waters comes to Happy Valley

Project Gutenberg

a great, growing online library of free ebooks


a rehearsal and recording studio in downtown Toronto

Riyadh’s Lebanese Restaurant

a delicious reason to fly to Portland

Sleepwalker Fine Art

angels of irony shout the refrain

Three Beautiful Things

a daily record of life’s pleasures


avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts

United Way

explore your local options for community service

Vamp & Tramp / Califia Books

purveyors of fine press and artists' books

Pascal Fricke aka waitswatcher

one gifted and generous musician—terrific!

WGBH Morning Stories Podcast

unforgettable stories from everyday people

(also, visit our Morning Stories Blog)

Zen Habits

cultivating happiness through daily practice

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Like-minded souls, heroes, next-of-kin. We figure if you love us, you’ll love our friends as well. Have fun exploring the eclectic list of links below and visit here often, as we’ll be adding plenty more to the mix.

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