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What is letterpress? The oldest printing process, also known as relief printing. Multiple copies of image and text are created when an inked, raised surface is repeatedly impressed into paper. For more than five centuries after the invention of moveable type by Gutenberg, letterpress was the principle means of mass communication. From the 1950s on, new printing methods and technologies gradually pushed letterpress from state-of-the-art to a much more specialized niche, prized by moderns who treasure fine hand-work and letterpress’ rich and tactile tradition. 

We love heavy metal.
Vandercook Universal III AB P 
Vandercook No. 4 Proof Press
10x15 Chandler & Price Craftsman (automated)
Frontex Automatic
Hydra hollander (papermaking)
Latham standing press
30-inch Challenge paper cutter

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A little background. Tryst Press is letterpress publishing studio located in Provo, Utah. In 1993 we hung out our shingle and started our business with one second-hand work table ($8, bright orange, nearly as heavy as a car), a fistful of linoleum cutting supplies, and a dream to produce beautiful modern books and papers using traditional techniques. Inspired by the genius of  William Morris, we soon procured antique printing equipment and began to create an exciting body of work. Since then, Tryst Press has grown from a dusty basement experiment to a flourishing production and design house.

What we're great at. We specialize in letterpress . . . that is, fine press: beautiful limited-edition books, broadsides and ephemera; as well as handmade paper, wood engraving, illustration, and book and typeface design. Get to know us and enjoy our creations. We love what we do, and we know you will as well.

We’re glad you found us. Please get comfortable and have a leisurely look around. We are pleased to share with you our engaging collection of distinctive books and broadsides, each work lovingly crafted with masterful attention to beauty and detail. Never had your eyes or your hands on letterpress before? It’s time you did. Enjoy!

~Rob and Georgia

All content and design, unless otherwise credited, Copyright © 2008, Tryst Press. Stop, look, and listen!

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